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100% cashmere cobweb weight


We have now moved many of our yarns from this site to our beta development site at (you have to register again for that site, sorry)..

These yarns are spun by European mills who specialise in really fine weight yarns. Made from the best Mongolian cashmere fibres they have more strength than you might expect from such really fine yarns, and are sleek and soft.

The 1/28NM yarns are simply the singles strands that Todd & Duncan use to make up their 2/28NM and other yarns, just as soft... WE WILL TWIST the singles 1/28s to thicker yarns (eg 3/28NM heavy lace weight is popular) FOR FREE


100% cashmere cobweb weight

The 2/42 and 2/40s yarns give around 3,500 yards per cone, 10,500 ypp. The 3/80 NM yarns give 4,400 yards per cone, 13,000 yards per lb - 5,000yds per cone and 15,000 yds per lb for the 2/60NM and 5,500 yds/cone, 17,000 ypp for 2/68s. The 1/28s give 4,600 yards per cone, 14,000 ypp. Other yarns have the yardage on the individual listing. Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

Note that we will WIND multiple plies of these yarns onto cone for no extra charge, just let us know how many plies when you pay AND WE WILL TWIST THE 1/28s FOR FREE...

the multiple ply yarns (2/42, 2/40, 3/80 etc) are also fine enough to allow us to TWIST say three plies one way and then two plies of those the other, giving a fairly balanced fingering weight... you need to PURCHASE a twisting extra for each cone you would like that done to...

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