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1/2NM and 2/7NM dk weight 78%, 50%, 30% mohair

The 1/2NM are scottish spun fancy mohair yarns, space dyed to give rainbows of colour in each yarn (except for the solid colors :-) ).. The actual fibre composition is 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon.

The finer 2/7NM (our normal dk weight) were UK spun for fine mohair garment production. They certainly have a great feel and color ranges. They are either 50% mohair or 30%, with the rest acrylic...


1/2NM and 2/7NM dk weight 78%, 50%, 30% mohair

The 1/2NM yarns give around 330 yards per cone, 1,000 yards per lb. That makes them a bit lighter than our normal aran weights, quite a bit heavier than the dk weights. The yarns have a waxy feel rather than an oiled one, and should not bloom much more on washing.

The 2/7NM yarns give 570 yards per cone, 1,750 yards/lb (ypp), exactly our normal dk weight.

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Most of my knitting over the past 7 - 8 months (apart from the pram throws) has been concentrated on small items for friends i.e. baby hats/gloves and various charity knits.

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This is the top I made myself from 2 cones of Caspian DK mohair this weekend. It is lovely and warm - and very light to wear.
This is the reverse side of the sweater, so in stocking stitch. As you can see, in longer runs, this yarn does self-stripe
Sorry about the poor quality of this photograph, but I thought it might interest people to see how this yarn knits up as a full-size garment. I knitted this on size 5.00mm needles, achieving 4.21...
This is the beanie in the free pattern - 6 mm needles again, and about 40 g yarn. VERY quick to knit and cosy to wear....


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