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1/22NM fine lace weight 100% mohair

These yarns were spun from the best Mohair fibres by Todd & Duncan, who marketed them under the industrial name Cashmere Mohair, though they are definitely 100% Mohair, but they are spun to give a softer sleek feel alongside the mohair coarseness. They are soft spun and steam set to give less twistiness, but knitters should be aware that as unbalanced singles yarns they do still retain some residual bias.


1/22NM fine lace weight 100% mohair

As 1/22NM yarns these give 3,600 yards per cone, 11,000 yards per lb. Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

Note that we will wind multiple plies of these yarns onto cone for no extra charge, just let us know how many plies when you pay... We will also TWIST the multiple plies together to give a balanced or nearly balanced yarn - to arrange this buy the cones here then go to the Extras folder and buy the same number of twisting extras...

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