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Cashmere/merino, silk, angora dk and aran weights

The 6/20s yarns (3plies of 2 plies of 1/20M yarn) are 50/50 cash/wool with some of the cashmere softness but still the better stitch definition. Some of the input yarns were for weaving, so are a bit tighter spun. The 6/14s, 5/14s and 10/28s cash/wools are from Todd & Duncan of Scotland (the 5/14s and 10/28s are mill twisted for us from T and D lace weights) and were previously marketed under the Heather brand. With a bit less (30%) cashmere in the mix (the rest is Geelong Merino) they may feel a bit coarser than the higher proportion cashmere yarns but the 10/28s in particular come up with a lovely soft feel after washing, and the colors are perfect for heavier autumn and winter garments....

The ARAN yarns are described on their individual listings, as are the bulky wools (2/6s) which have some amazing fibre mixes and make great thick woollies..


Cashmere/merino, silk, angora dk and aran weights

The 6/20s yarns give about 500 yards per cone, 1,500 yards per lb, a lighter dk. The 6/14NM yarns give 380 yards per cone, 1,150 yards per lb, the 5/14s and 10/28s give 460 and 1,400.

Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

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Here's a before-washing swatch knitted from a "scraps set". The yarn is 4 strands (already twisted) of 2-ply. The lower portion was done on Size 6 US needles (4.25 mm) & got 19 sts &...

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