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Cashmere/wool lace and cobweb weights, SPARKLES

The cashmerino yarns are spun by Loro Piana of Italy, one of the top cashmere mills in the world and are perhaps the best fine cashmerino yarns available. Made from the best cashmere and long fine merino fibres they give better stitch definition and strength than pure cashmere but are still beautifully soft... the 1/14s cash/wools are from Todd & Duncan of Scotland and with less cashmere in the mix (30% cashmere) and Geelong wool they do feel coarser but are still great yarns - these were marketed under the Heather ad Dominion brands. Some of the 2/28s are also Heather 30/70 but some others from T&D are softer with 55% cashmere (as described individually)... these were marketed under the Nirvana brand. The 1/28s cobweb weights were branded Alliance and are 90% fine micron lambswool, 10% cashmere, less cashmere but great colors

The SPARKLES are from Johnstons, the wooly bit is 10% cashmere, 90% merino, the details are on the individual listings..


Cashmere/wool lace and cobweb weights, SPARKLES

As 2/28NM (Loro Piana cash/merino and T&D) or 1/14NM (Todd & Duncan cash/geelong) yarns these give 2,300 yards per cone, 7,000 yards per lb, and should give around 32-36 stitches on a 4 inch swatch, using US 2-5, 2.5-3.75 mm needles. The 1/28s are exactly twice as fine, so give 4,600 yards and 14,000 ypp. Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

The 1/14NM and 1/28 yarns are unbalanced singles and have some residual twist, we will therefore TWIST multiple plies of these yarns up to thicker counts (eg three plies for fingering, 4 for dk) FOR FREE (normally we only WIND multiple plies for free, TWISTING is extra). Just tell us how many plies when you pay.. if you pefer only winding of course, tell us that too..

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