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cashmere/cotton/silk yarns

Interesting yarns, shiny, crisp but a touch of softness - Todd & Duncan spun. The 2/28s are 53% silk, 41% cotton, 6% cashmere. The slightly thicker 2/17NM yarns have more cotton, 70%, and the cotton strand is slubby to give a softer feel, plus 15% cashmere, 15% silk...

and the new ones are 60/20/20 cotton/cash/silk, more like 4ply or fingering weights, just nowhere else to put them!

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cashmere/cotton/silk yarns

The 2/28NM yarns these give 2,300 yards per cone, 7,000 yards per lb. The 2/17s give 1,400 yards per cone, 4,300 yards per lb.

We will happily wind multiple strands of these yarns for free... just tell us when you pay..

Some of the 2/28 yarns came in on lots of small cones, so you might get an order of 150g on more than one cone, if that is a problem please let us know..

Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

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I found it impossible to show the detail of this pattern in a full-length photograph, so here is a close-up. I think you can see why it is called Tulipa.

This sweater was adapted from Elsebeth Lavold's "Tulipa" from Designer's Choice Book Eight, The Enchanted Garden Collection. I used one strand of 2/17 cotton/cashmere/silk in Sandstone,...
The purse was knitted with 0000 needles , seed beads and one strand of the palmetto yarn. I love it.

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