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cashmere /silk / merino yarns

The 2/28 yarns are spun by Zegna Baruffa, the top Italian mill which spun the cashwool super soft merino yarns we sell... this yarn they branded as Diamante, it is the same extra fine merino but mixed with 20% silk and 10% cashmere for extra shine and classy softness...

other yarn details are individually described


cashmere /silk / merino yarns

As 2/28NM yarns these give 2,300 yards per cone, 7,000 yards per lb.
We will happily wind multiple strands of these yarns for free... just tell us when you pay..

Some of these yarns came in on lots of small cones, so you might get an order of 150g on more than one cone, if that is a problem please let us know..

Please add your experiences with these yarns (especially with pictures!) below. You can find articles about knitting and washing these yarns in our Knowledge Base section..

Latest Messages

After a long debate, I decided to use 65/35 cash/silk in color Dust for my SOTSII. I'm using three strands on US needle #3 . The yarn is very soft, it is a pleasure working with it. Nice stitch def...
this is the Mystic Waters shawl I made with 65/35 cash/silk lace weight blend, color light navy, if I am correct. It was nice to knit, and even nicer to wear! Very soft. The color bled quite a lot...
This is my thank you present to a fellow Guild member who, due to illness, wasn't able to attend any of our Guild meetings during 2007. In his 70s his condition is unlikely to improve but happily...
I will knit the stole of "secret of the stole ii" with the cash/silk 3/45 in green with needles 3 mm.
You can see my swatch.
Knit on 2.5 & 2.75 mm needles using Cashmere Silk 2/36 in Polka Dot. It's lovely, soft, has a nice sheen from the silk. Really lovely to knit with.

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