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Color suggestions for potential projects

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Katherine Whitney

Tuesday 25 December 2007 8:21:07 pm

I was wondering about good masculine colors for making a scarf. The best ones I've found so far are the various browns that are available in the dk weight cashmere. All you men out there--does brown/tan sound good for a scarf and hat set? I was thinking of making it in an aran pattern for my father. I haven't knitted anything special for him yet, but I've done stuff for my mother and sister. So it's high time that I make him a scarf and a hat. Plus, I can use the leftovers to make something else to sell! Depending on when I have it done, I'll either give it to him for Father's Day in June or his birthday in November. I'm the type of knitter who has 20 projects going at once, so it has to knit up fairly quickly if I'm going to have it done in a reasonable amount of time.
Any color suggestions (from the yarns here, of course) would be appreciated. I don't want any yarn finer than DK, so that it'll knit up at a decent speed. I would prefer aran weight, but DK will work well too. This will be my first order. I'm also ordering some cashsilk in heavy DK weight to make a sleveless top for myself. Color suggestions for the cashsilk would also be appreciated. I like anything but orange and yellow for myself.
Thanks in advance!

Katherine Whitney

Color suggestions

Friday 11 January 2008 10:18:20 pm

Thanks, Beverly. Actually, I've finally figured out what I want now. I'm thinking that cashmerino in Air Force is a good color for my father. Blue is his favorite color, according to my mother. And I'm getting the same yarn in Aqua Moon for myself. Now to figure out which top to make with it of the two I like. I'm knitting practice tops of both styles. That should be very helpful.
Thanks again.

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Color suggestions for potential projects (response)

Thursday 10 January 2008 12:50:28 pm

Hi Katherine

I've just seen the message that you posted over Christmas. If you haven't already ordered from Richard, I would be more than happy to send you some samples of various plies that you could knit up yourself. I've still got quite a few cones from my recent spate of charity knitting of different colours and plies. If you have a look at my latest postings (Scrap Set and the Pram Throw before Christmas) I randomly took between 4 to 5 different cones (along with my wool winder) to experiment with colours and thickness. I would be more than happy to send you some so you can make up your swatches. If you'd like to contact Richard - he'll give you my email address and I'll pop the samples in the post for your attention. Beverley
p.s.This offer is still open even if you have already ordered but would like to do some sampling.

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