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Knitting from cones

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Wednesday 21 November 2007 5:24:53 pm

I have just taken delivery of my first order, and I clean forgot to think about asking for the yarn to be wound into balls. I can of course wind some balls myself (or rather my partner has a wondeful skill in this very area!!), but do other people knit straight from the cone?



Cristina Hernandez

knitting from cones

Friday 29 March 2013 8:52:10 pm

I just knit from the cones too! If is a wool or cashmere fiber,I wash my tension swatch and use those measurements. I've never bothered to wash the yarn before knitting with it. I like wet blocking after knitting as it smooths out the tension.

jennifer macleod

twisting yarn

Wednesday 25 April 2012 5:05:40 pm

I tried to ply 2 strands of yarn together - took one off on ball winder and knitted second from cone well all looked well till I sewed up garment and there was serious twist all advice will be helpful

Petra Ahnfors

Winding yarns from cones, big heavy cones...

Tuesday 30 August 2011 4:55:26 pm

By a lucky mistake I found an excellent way of winding yarn from cones: place cone on appropriate surface (table, chair, floor) and use a hook in the ceiling somewhere above it to lead the yarn to the winder or swift! I happened to stand under my "christmas lamp hook" when a friend and I were winding some stuff for her, me holding the yarn up above the edge of the cone and her winding. It was a natural step to move it up there, and it worked like a song! Many of my cones are massive mill ends of 6 pounds and more, so they stay put whatever you try to do to them.


Rebecca Cortson

Washing Cashmere 30% 70% merino

Tuesday 05 October 2010 11:51:57 pm

I understand that you are suppose to wash the cashmere/merino yarn (30% Cashmere, 70% merino wool) before knitting. What is the proces? I just received mine for the first time today in a cone. Do I unravel it off the cone and then dunk it in water with soap and lay it out as a skein or ball to dry??????? I bought mine to make a regular scarf out of it. Would appreciate any instructions and/or comments as I am new to cashmere and this company. You can email me at minuspa@aol.com Thanks!

Rebecca J. Cortson

Cherie Corbin

Crocheting from Cones

Friday 30 April 2010 1:32:28 am

Hi All,

I have to say that I have been working directly from the cone...did not even wash a sample(my bad!). I'm quite the lazy designer, but I have had much luck in my "guesstimations". I thoroughly enjoy the gorgeous cashmeres and cash/silk blends. Recently, I begun a crocheted lace top out of the latest Tand D lace-weight cash. The thread is a joy to work; however, I noticed that it just doesn't seem as soft as you might expect...WELL, upon reading all of your input on the subject, I thought perhaps I should jump right in with some hot water, TIDE detergent and a little hair conditioner rinse. I AM ASTOUNDED!! I liked the yarn before, but now it's the most exquisite texture; soft and lofty! A while back, I made a lace cardigan from doubling cobweb lace wt. from Tand D. I just went for it; Tide, conditioner, and Dryer on low heat..WOW! I got so lucky; it's perfect! What I can advise now through experience, is if you make your garment in a looser gauge, you will have a bit more shrinkage. Someone commented that it shrinks more in height than width. I also found that to be true- you are approximately a row shorter. I think I will complete the top and then do the wash cycle, since I tested my sample swatch and it just shrinks a tad in height. I will try to get some pictures!

Thank you so much to all who took the time to share!


Hautelamby, Cherie Corbin
Lafayette, CA

Cherie Corbin

Elaine Evans

Knitting from cone

Thursday 24 December 2009 9:15:01 am

I too have just taken delivery of my first order and knitted 2 swatches, one straight from the cone, the other I made a small skein, pre-washed and then knitted, on the same size needles. The first 4 inch square shrank to 3inches in length after washing. O.K., we're supposed to wash the swatch before checking tension but this only works if the length of the garment is measured in rows, not in inches. The result of the first after shrinkage was like a machine knit, very fine, but still attractive, I would use this method for some projects but not for all. The second swatch turned out as one would expect from a balled yarn. (Sorry, i don't have a pic to upload) I suggest you experiment with a few swatches, using different needle sizes, and washing before and after knitting, and find what works best for you. Mine was 70% merino/30% cashmere so I expect the shrinkage was much greater than you would get with other yarns. Hope this helps.

Brigitte Picart

knitting from cones

Tuesday 22 December 2009 9:47:27 pm

Unwinding the yarn horizontally prevents any twist buildup . If you can find a horizontal bar that will fit the cone use that. I have a tablet weaving loom with dowels and am using it for one or 2 color knitting but a paper towel dispenser is good too, provided the cone fits in.

I had to undo a hat which I had washed after finishing it. I found the wool extremely pleasant to the touch (it's the 5/95 cash-merino), much more so than the yarn straight off the cone so in future I will wash the yarn BEFORE knitting. I think the yarn might bloom better if it's in skein than if it's already knit. Of course there is more handling involved this way.

The good thing about off-the-cone knitting is that there is never a join to make.

Susan Hart

Help with identifying yarn

Tuesday 21 October 2008 3:58:19 pm

I've inherited a lg cone of yarn that is only labeled 5/33/2 wool. I'm assuming the "2" refers to the ply but the other numbers are a mystery. I've never knitted with any yarn so fine but since I've got it I may as well jump in and give it a try. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you.


knitting from cones

Saturday 11 October 2008 9:10:49 pm

I just finished an outrageously beautiful sweater using a strand of the angora/lambswool and a strand of the DK merino held together. When I receive my yarn orders that are cones, I always wind them into skeins on my swift, tie them in several places and wash them. I use Dawn dish soap to wash (This is to ensure all oils are gone) and then my final rinse is with Snuggle fabric softener - not only makes the yarn even softer, it smells yummy. Then hang to dry in front of a fan. Then I have to wind them back into balls - but by then, my yarn is clean, super fluffy, pre-shrunk and smells great. I have found that without washing first, my gauge can be wrong, since the yarn blooms so nicely after it's washed. I enjoy reading all of your tips and seeing the beautiful pictures! Danette

Monique Boonstra

Knitting from the cone.

Friday 11 April 2008 8:55:32 am


I've never knit from the cone before, but I saw on the blog by MissAliceFaye (Ravelry) that she uses a glass pot/bowl to keep the cone clean and stop it from tipping. I guess.

I've ordered mine last week, hope I don't have to wait to long, but i'll try it myself.


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Laura Donham

Knitting from Cones

Monday 31 March 2008 10:49:53 pm

Here are some suggestions on how to work with cones:

One person suggested making a cone holder - Can't remember the link, but you can look through blog.
The other option is to purchase a paper towel holder (measure to make sure cone will slide/fit onto it.

Marianne Cant

calls or cones

Thursday 06 December 2007 5:18:43 pm

I never even thought to wind the yarn into balls...knitting fromt he cone isn't aproblem for me :^) ~ Marianne

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