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Made with ColourMart yarns

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Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Miss Jenkins Dress

Wednesday 11 April 2012 2:31:46 pm

It's a cute little dress that I knit up for my Granddaughter Quinn. The cash/cotton that I knit it with is the perfect summer yarn for it too

Here are better pictures!

The yarn I used is the 8/28 cashmere/cotton DK (50/50) and can be found here: (Coral and Cherry)

Pattern coming soon!

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Sunday 08 April 2012 4:16:34 pm

I have been busy swatching some recent goodies that I have added to the stash.

**Cashmere/Merino 2/28NM lace wt (5/95)** http://www.colourmart.com/eng/cas...ool_lace_and_cobweb_weights_sparkles

My swatch page and notes:


**Baby Camel 2/14nm 4ply**

My swatch page and notes:


Last but not least is the **Silk DK**

My swatch page and notes


Teresa Ann Ellis

Heavy DK silk swatch

Thursday 29 March 2012 8:07:24 pm

The yarn is 40 / 120, a heavy DK 100% silk. It is gorgeous, and made a very satisfactory garment (photos to follow) knit as lace with US #8 (5mm) needles.

About working with a yarn of this type:
- keep your hands well moisturized, since any roughness will snag one of the forty tiny threads (I hope this won't happen as easily with the finished garment).
- watch your work to check for missed strands of the threads.
- I wet-blocked it and air-dried it without pins. Details: Soaked the sample in warm water with a little white vinegar for a minute or so to set color, then rinsed out the vinegar and soaked in more warm water for 20 minutes. Squeezed water out with hands (my rule is to squish and squeeze any knitting but never to rub it together, since that felts wool and dulls silk), then folded it in a dry bath towel and squeezed the towel by hand--no twisting or wringing, just squeezing. Didn't walk on the towel, since that would flatten the silk too much. Both the sample and the tank top were air-dried. The silk just lay there and I pushed it into place, no pinning needed.

Suggestions for choosing a garment style:
- the yarn flattens out when knitted. Not so good for cables, but twisted sts and decreases show up 3-dimensionally (photos to follow).
- the knitted fabric is entirely limp--use this fact to your advantage. I made a form-fitting lace tank-top and am delighted with the result, but wouldn't use this yarn for a shawl unless EXTREME drape is the goal. Also, keeping the knitted fabric close to the body will (I hope) minimize snags. --> DON'T let it get near Velcro (hook-and-loop closures)!

The yarn (Mustard Sun, which I think of as Fire Opal) is an almost opalescent orange-ish gold.

Judy Goforth

Crepe Shawl

Thursday 22 March 2012 7:01:20 pm

I used Frost White 2/28 Cashmere for this Sharon Miller Shawl and found the yarn a real treal to knit with. The finished shawl is so soft and as light as a feather.
Thanks for all the help from the Colourmart team in ensuring that I had enough yarn even after upsizing a little.

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Diamante Swatches

Friday 16 March 2012 4:53:08 pm

Merino/Silk/Cashmere 2/28NM lace wt (Diamante) Lavender

My swatch notes can be found here

It's a beautiful yarn!

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Coat Clasica

Friday 16 March 2012 4:49:34 pm

Second time making this coat as I gave the first one away. MUCH nicer in a Colourmart yarn!!! I used the 2/6 (5/95) merino/cashmere "bulky wool" DK. which you can find here:

More info is here on my project page!

I adore this yarn for sweaters, it's my 3rd full size sweater. This coat will see tons of wear!

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Friday 16 March 2012 4:43:08 pm

Love, love this yarn!

This shawl was Navajo Plied to make a 3 ply version of this yarn. It's the 2/30nm (70/30) merino /cashere lace weight. (1640) found here:

More pictures and notes are on my project page here:

and my swatch notes are here

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

"Vest" Top Down Contiguous

Friday 16 March 2012 4:35:50 pm

Great summer vest made with the 18/80nm silk/cotton fingering weight which you can find on the CM page!

More pictures and notes on my Rav. page!

My swatch notes are here!

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

"Gathered Pullover" Top down Contiguous version

Friday 16 March 2012 4:29:56 pm

I made this sweater from the 3/15 cashmere fingering weight in Bison.(With only 2 cones )

Lots of pictures and notes on my page! It's so soft and cuddly, I may never be out of it!

Here is the CM link to the yarn

amy castle

Simple Shrug

Wednesday 14 March 2012 4:38:18 pm

Two strands of marled DK. Three 150g cones with some left over made a generous size, measures 156 cm from cuff to cuff. Shrugs are so simple to constuct, and give a nice warmth in the early spring.

Sue Grandfield

4/17 Shawl

Wednesday 14 March 2012 1:41:02 am

A modified Nuvem shawl made with 4/17 in "fire" & "carbon. More pictures on Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/projects/RiotousAssembly/nuvem-3

sue shaw

Aron weight cashmere

Monday 27 February 2012 9:36:45 am

Jumper made with Colourmart yarn

sue shaw

Alun's Jumper

Monday 27 February 2012 9:33:11 am

Made with Colourmart Aron weight 100% cashmere

Dawn Overholt

won a blue ribbon using ColourMart yarn

Monday 20 February 2012 11:47:20 pm

I finished this circular vest in April 2010 but just entered it in the Florida State Fair 2012 and won first place. I used ColourMart mohair cobweb with a natural lace yarn with I believe was also ColourMart.

Carmen Perez Aguado

Vest with 6/28 cashmere

Friday 17 February 2012 3:25:55 pm

I knit this vest with a warm 6/28 cashmere . It was knitting with 4.5 mm Chiagoo needles and this time I wash the yarn previously with Fairy liquid. I never do it when I knit shawls, but in this case I wanted a fitted vest, so I must check my gauge and I used 110 grams of yarn

doris elder

just got on site

Thursday 16 February 2012 6:33:35 pm

loved the work can anyone tell me where I can get the patterns for Aeolian shawl and Triinu vine shawl just loved them so beautiful

Carmen Perez Aguado

Zetor Shawl with casmere/silk 6/40

Thursday 02 February 2012 5:14:03 pm

I made this shawl with 3.75 mm Chiogoo needles. It is very simple to knit but not so warm as a 100% cashmere but, anyway, will be perfect for May nights here in Barcelona. I used 80 grams of yarn

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy


Sunday 29 January 2012 6:20:53 pm

I have been swatching again

Cashmere/Silk/Cotton/Merino 2/9NM fingering - malva


Cashmere/Cotton 8/28 DK - Coral, Cherry and Ocean.


Do click the links to read all the details! I just adore the Cash/cotton...super yarn

Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Henry the Hippo

Tuesday 24 January 2012 5:58:45 pm

Ellie needed a friend so I made a Hippo version! Made with 27 grams of a 3/28nm cashmere from a scrap set.


Diane Conroy

Diane  Conroy

Ellie the Elephant:-)

Saturday 21 January 2012 6:43:06 pm

The cutest thing I think I have ever made! (And the softest

I Navajo plied her using 2/20 cashmere heavy lace weight. An Elephant Kitten

Check her out in more detail here.