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Men's Med Cashmere Crew neck sweater

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Jeremy Ransom

Saturday 23 June 2007 7:58:15 pm

I want to knit a simple crew neck sweater for a man, size medium. What should I order?? Ply? Cones?


erum it


Tuesday 29 October 2013 7:06:51 am

I want to knit a simple crew neck sweater for a man, size medium. What should I order?? Ply? Cones?


adlena lui

Men's Med Cashmere Crew neck sweater

Thursday 24 October 2013 7:03:41 am

can i buy sweaters of long length


sherry mark


Monday 12 August 2013 6:06:13 am

Want to know about the procedure of buying


diane engber

how many plys

Wednesday 25 January 2012 10:36:15 pm

I always have trouble figuring out how many times to ply, say, a 2/28 yarn for it to become a DK thickness, to knit on US size 7-8 needles, for example
Diane in Cincinnati

Kieran Gaya

Male Knitters

Monday 07 November 2011 2:17:14 am

Hi everyone, I am a male knitter - have been knitting since I was a child - did jumpers/sweaters for my school uniform and all. I now teach it too on volunteer trips to Africa and Asia. I would be happy to connect with others. I design a lot of my pieces but then give them away! ;o)

t doherty

knittin an xxl mans sweater

Monday 26 November 2007 4:51:09 pm

can anyone help me with how much to buy..........

every sweate ri buy for my husband doesn't fit, so i want to make one........................

he is 6'2 and an XXL...but nordstrom wants 200.00 +


This post relates to the following product: 2/7NM dk weight

Men's medium crew neck sweater

Thursday 26 July 2007 5:52:43 pm

Hi Jeremy
If you are a beginner with Richard's yarn, it is a good idea to start with dk weight. I always order 3 cones for peace of mind as there is nothing worse than a fear of running out of yarn. You can use the remainer for a hat or scarf. Use either size 3.25 mm needles for the rib or 3.75 mm. and for the main body use 4 mm. Richard's yarn appears finer than wool however when it is washed it blooms to "normal" so I suggest that you use the same tension as you would use for woollen dk yarns. I hope this helps. Once you complete and wash your garment you will find it wonderfully soft and warm and then you become an addict of this fine cashmere.