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Richard Lawn

Monday 08 January 2007 10:27:09 pm

This topic should cover comments on yardages, calculations, weight calcs and so on, perhaps anyway

mohsin javed


Thursday 12 September 2013 6:00:27 am

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I would like to try using one of Colour Mart’s lace weight cones but am at a loose end to know which one! Maybe heavy weight or fingering I just don’t know as I’m still a novice!! I was hoping some of you nice experienced ladies could assist me on this one.

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Marian Lyons

Lace Weights - help with substitute please

Friday 30 December 2011 11:28:49 pm


I am fairly new to crocheting and have used colour mart yarns before Dk cashmere and made a wonderful beret, however, I have seen in this months edition of Woman’s Weekly a beautiful pattern for a crochet throw which they are using Rico Fashion Romance 8 x 25g balls (50% acrylic, 30% mohair and 20% wool) using 4.50 hook and should measure 17 cm by 17 cm square when pinned and blocked. I would like to try using one of Colour Mart’s lace weight cones but am at a loose end to know which one! Maybe heavy weight or fingering I just don’t know as I’m still a novice!! I was hoping some of you nice experienced ladies could assist me on this one.


Betsy Payne

how much do I need?

Saturday 04 July 2009 8:30:00 pm

Hello , I am new to knitting with this yarn and I am not quite sure how to figure out how much I need and how to order that..
I am making two x large men's sweaters, straight knitting, and thought I would get the fingering stuff that will be wound in dk . How many cones of dk would I need for that
size sweater, and how do I tell them to wind that much? How many cones would I need if I were to wind it to worsted weight? Help! Thanks, Betsy

Lara Downey

Silk Lace

Friday 28 March 2008 11:34:45 pm

That sounds very creative but I do have to say it's true that silk is not elastic. In this context what that means is that if it gets stretched out, it will not "regain" it's former size the way wool often will. One way of dealing with it (when it's important) is to use the stitches in your knitting to add the elasticity you need. That does assume though, that it would even be getting stretched in the first place. I would say that while you might find the grafted connection isn't too stiff at all, it could indeed stretch with time. Which might not matter, it's just something to think about.

I would make two completely different suggestions here for you. One - go ahead and try it, you could learn something great no matter what happens . Or two, get the silk and go with plan #2 of your own for now and just knit up a beautiful top. You'll still learn more about silk, working with it and have a better idea if you want to try the bra version at that point.

Good luck


This post relates to the following product: Cash/merino/viscose and cash/viscose lace weight

Arihana Silva

Silk lace

Thursday 27 March 2008 11:37:08 pm

Hi, Lara, thanks for the reply.
I am both inventing the pattern and following one that already exists. What I mean is, I have a pattern for a lace bra that I wanted to incorporate, and it was knit with a DK yarn on size 5 needles. I did it on US 6 just to test the lace, with some DK scrap yarn I had, and the size was perfect for the cami, but my yarn was viscose. I know that the bra takes about 100 meters, but I'm not sure how much the belly part would take.
My plan was to knit the bra pattern with a provisional cast on, knit the second part from the bottom up, and graft both together under the bust. But now I'm not sure I can do this. I confess I never knit with silk before, and I'm reading everywhere that silk is inelastic. I'm afraid the grafted row would be too rigid. And I started another cami today, using fingering yarn and smaller needles, and the lace looks just perfect on the smaller gauge, but if i changed the gauge for the one I'm planning on silk I doubt I could figure out how to adapt the short row shaping from the original pattern.
I'm about to give up all the fancy stuff and just do a basic "follow lace pattern till it's long enough - add straps" cami...

Lara Downey

Silk DK

Thursday 27 March 2008 4:32:28 pm

Hi, Arihana,

The camisole sounds lovely. The shawl you are referring to was knit with an Aran weight (heavier/thicker than DK) on size 9(US) needles. You said you want to make it from DK weight but it must be on size 5 or 6 needles. I don't understand why the "must" part. Personally, to make that pattern on size 5 or 6 needles I would very likely start swatching with fingering weight or 4-ply, not DK weight but that's just me. Your gauge is very likely to be different from mine .

Second question, do you have a pattern you are trying to substitute yarn for or are you inventing one? If yes, what yarn does it call for? How much (yardage, weight)? Recommended needle size? In a VERY general sense, if you use the same size needles (that get gauge) you will need about the same amount of yardage (which is not always going to be the same weight or drape) f you are creating your own.....what size are you trying to make? Do you have a similar pattern or design with an estimated amount of yardage you can use as a guide?

Regarding the drape, you will knit differently from anyone else......you are truly going to be best off getting a sample of the yarn you want to use and making swatches so you can decide that way.

All of that said.......with the right design, drape, "laciness" of stitches and size, you could probably make it with 620 yards. But you could probably be more certain if you have more of those answers .

I hope that helps you a bit; good luck, I'm sure it will be beautiful.


This post relates to the following product: cashmere /silk / merino yarns

Arihana Silva

Silk DK

Wednesday 26 March 2008 3:08:53 pm

I'm planning a lace camisole in 100% silk yarn, that must be done with US 6 and US 5 needles. The lace pattern is similar to the Shetland Triangle shawl in this pic, but not quite the same:
What will it work like that with the DK weight?I don't want a too loose fabric, just the right ammount of drape. And, if so, would a 620 yards cone be enough?

judith gilbert

yardages when combining yarns

Sunday 07 January 2007 11:15:23 pm

hi Liz -

thanks for your post, made sense to me. So, for example, if I were to combine 3 or 4 plys of laceweight yarn to make a plain st. st. pullover that was, say, 40" wide by 23" long, I would need about a lb. of cashmere (I looked at your patterns and I think one sweater called for 3, 150 gm. cones?) or less since cashmere is very light, but maybe 1-1/4 lb. of 50/50 cashmere/merino? I think it would be helpful if folks would post the fiber and finished weight rather than the yardage, easier for the math impaired!


Elizabeth Lovick

yardages when combining yarns

Sunday 07 January 2007 9:33:25 pm

Hi Judith,

The item will weigh roughly the same whether you use, say, 1 strand of aran or 2 strands of DK. So for the baby poncho I have just finished, which weighs 260 g, I could either buy 260 g of aran or 260 g DK.

Now, (are you concentrating?!) because the aran (8/14) is TWICE as thick as the DK (4/14), I will get HALF the number of yards of aran. BUT I will be using 2 strands of DK together - so will end up with the SAME number of 'knitting yards'.

The same is true for any exact comparisons. It isn't necessarily the case with odd counts.....


judith gilbert

yarn amounts - yardage/weight

Sunday 07 January 2007 2:43:47 am

hi folks -

I see there are some beautiful sweaters and shawls in the forum! I wonder if those who post photos would also add either the yardage or the weight of the finished product? I find myself somewhat confused as to how much to order when combining lace and fingering weights for heavier yarns.

many thanks,