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Sample Pack

This sample pack gives you a good taste of our yarn range, with a small wrap of each of our main yarn counts and fibre compositions, labelled by yarn count, manufacturer and colour. The wraps are still oiled so we also include a washed 100 yard skein to show how the yarn blooms, and the card gives washing suggestions.


Sample Pack

The wraps are about 10 yards each, enough to do a small swatch and wash it, and there are typically 10 wraps. Note that because our stock changes often we do not have a colour card (though we do have a system for showing how some solid colours relate to the OAC guide colours, to see it click here.) The sample pack is therefore also intended to let you see how the colours in the our photos, taken in our spotlights, seen on your monitor, relate to the yarns you see in real life in your lighting.

We will add in additional yarns of your choice if you ask when you pay, please do be fairly specific though, and please no more than 5 or 6 extra. If in doubt, stick to the pack, it is a good selection!

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