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Pur Cachemire

Vous trouverez ici tous nos fils 100 % cachemire, triés par grosseur et par type.

Tous proviennent des meilleures fibres de cachemire de Mongolie. Ils ont été filés et teints par les plus grandes filatures d'Ecosse et d'Italie.

Fils très fins (4ply)

These yarns should all be around 140Tex, between say 2/13NM and 2/16NM. Usually a 2 ply but we sometimes sell 1/7NM singles under this weight definition. 2/14NM, the most common, will give 1,150 yards from a 150g cone (3,500 yards/lb). You should get 28-32 stitches on a 4" (10cm) square swatch and use US 0-1, 2-2.75mm, or old UK 14-12 needles for stocking stitch.
Note that our definition of 4ply is quite a bit finer than some peoples - please check these numbers :-)

This section also has cashmere/sparkle yarns of several thicknesses, deatils on the individual listings