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Lace and cobweb weights

100% extra fine merino and angora/merino lace and cobweb weights

These yarns are 3/44NM, 2/28NM and 2/30NM lace weights, and 2/48NM cobweb weight, extra fine merino yarn produced by Zegna Baruffa of Italy. It sold as Cashwool because it has been spun so as to be exceptionally full and soft for a merino yarn, but it is pure merino, no cashmere.. The yarns ARE very soft though, and the colors are truly vivid..

note some of the merino yarns are what was left after we had most of the lace weight twisted up to the dk which has proved so popular, so even a single cone order may actually be split onto 2 or 3 cones, if that is a problem please tell us when you order...

the angora wool laceweights are spun by Lanecardate of Italy, either 2/28 or 1/14NM and with 25% angora, 75% fine super 100's merino, and were marketed under the lamora brand - a couple of the angora/merino yarns are 4ply weights, as described on their individual listing.