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D C Petro

DK Cashmere

2008年 4月 09日 水曜日 2:37:17 pm

Another couldn't wait swatch...
This one is 8/14 NM on US 6 needles. I didn't see this weight on any of the pages, so thought I'd post it here.
Before washing, it was 5" wide & 2" long, with 18.5 sts over 4" & 6 rows over 1".
After washing, it is 5-1/4" wide & 1-3/4" long, with 18 sts over 4" & 7 rows over 1"...curious, eh? And did I mention it became exquisitely soft & luscious?


P.S. The yarn used is 100% cashmere, not what it says just below this. I couldn't figure out how to undo that...

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D C Petro

Heavy DK swatches

2008年 4月 09日 水曜日 1:57:37 pm

Well, OK, I couldn't wait for my cones to arrive, so I made tiny swatches from my samples card...
This one is 12/36 NM, 55% cashmere/45% silk on size 6 US needles.
Before washing, it was 5.5 inches wide & 2" long and had 20 sts over 4" & 7 rows over 1".
After washing, it was 5.5 inches wide & 1-7/8" long and had 19.5 sts over 4" & 7 rows over 1".

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Elizabeth Lovick

DK boucle mitts

2008年 4月 06日 日曜日 5:21:28 pm

Here are the mittens and mittens. Very warn and cozy - just right for the April snow....


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Elizabeth Lovick

DK Boucle socks

2008年 4月 06日 日曜日 5:19:31 pm

I have been wearing these intensively for several weeks, and they have stood up to it very well. I wash them in the washing machine with my other clothes and air dry them.


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Jane Watling

Chunky Graphite Sweater using Johnstons Grey Marls

2008年 4月 06日 日曜日 2:32:53 pm

The Truro pattern from Jaeger JB36 inspired this sweater. I used 4 strands held together of 3 different coloured Johnstons grey marls which worked brilliantly to produce the softest yummiest sweater ever ! The only thing I am sorry about is leaving it stuffed in a bag since Winter 2006/7 with only the sleeves to sew in ! The shoulders are slightly ‘cut in’ to give fitted look added to by ribbed sleeves. No shaping to waist; the rib hem sits at top of hip. Thank you Richard !

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

10M Alpaca Top (Knitted Swatch)

2008年 4月 04日 金曜日 1:23:59 pm

After plying the yarn back onto itself, I soaked the yarn in hot water and shampoo. Left it for 1/2 hour and then rinsed it in another solution of hot water/white vinegar. When cold, I squeezed the skein and then rolled it up in an old towel. I then thwacked it against a hard surface and finally left it on a radiator to dry. When dry I then turned it into a small ball of wool, using my woolwinder and knitted the attached swatch. I like the feel of the finished fabric (slightly hairy). I need to experiment with a larger sample and my first project with some of the fibre will be to make a pair of socks - one ply alpaca, the other with mohair. The finished yarn, I think, gives a good stitch definition. Tension: For a 10cm/4" square worked out at 21 stitches/32 rows.

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

10M Alpaca Top (Spun Sample on Drop Spindle)

2008年 4月 04日 金曜日 1:04:59 pm

I was eager to sample this fibre so decided to spin just half of the initial 13 grams set aside for this exercise. When it comes to spinning tops, I find it best to "slightly" pre-draft the roving makes spinning a little easier. I enjoyed spinning this particular fibre but had to ensure, as one does with alpaca, to add more twist when spinning.

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

10m Alpaca Top (Sampling)

2008年 4月 04日 金曜日 12:49:05 pm

Found my order waiting for me when I got home last night and couldn't wait to do some sampling of this Alpaca Roving. Picture shows my electronic weighing scale, 13 grams of the alpaca roving purchased from Richard, CD disc and the spindle made by a fellow member of the guild that I belong to.

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Mum's Sweater - in Progress

2008年 3月 27日 木曜日 1:14:52 pm

Most of my knitting over the past 7 - 8 months (apart from the pram throws) has been concentrated on small items for friends i.e. baby hats/gloves and various charity knits.

I wanted to work on a larger project and as I haven't knitted for my mother for a while (she's a size 24/26) I thought it was high time I made something for her - plus the fact that she hadn't been too well recently. I told her of my plan and was pleasantly surprised at the speed at which she had decided what weight of the yarn and style she wanted the garment to be. Based on her choices, Richard's 12/36NM Heavy Double Knit weight 55:45 cash/silk yarn fitted the bill.

I took the remaining stock of the colourway "KARMA". This picture shows the 1st sleeve knitted using size 7 (4.5mm) Addi Turbo needles. The 4" tension gauge is 22 stiches, 28 rows. The welt for the sleeves, plus the front and back of the garment will be Moss stitch. The sleeves (after the welt) will be in stocking stitch. Mum just wants a one-colour sweater so the front/back of the garment will be knitted on circular needles - stocking stitch - with a front 10" panel using a combination of Waving Rib, with Double Cable & Moss stitch.

I purchased 7 cones and was amazed to see that each sleeve has taken less than one of the 150gram cones.

Will add more photos as the sweater progresses. Both mum and I are very pleased with the stitch definition.

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Elizabeth Gloor

winding two onto one cone

2008年 3月 21日 金曜日 6:20:53 pm

I would like to request that you wind two of "forget-me-not onto one cone. I am ordering one cone of this colorway. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you.

Elizabeth Gloor

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Tien Chiu

Network drafted shawl in the 3/50 Loro Piana silk and the 2/36 55/45 cashmere/silk blend

2008年 3月 17日 月曜日 6:43:03 am

This shawl was woven with a brown and tan warp in the 3/50 Loro Piana silk, and a garnet red 2/36 55/45 cashmere/silk blend as weft. It's sett at 40 epi, which is a little too dense to weave square, even with a finer 2/36 weft (not that it particularly mattered with this pattern). I dyed both warp and weft myself. It's network drafted 4-end twill in a pattern designed by me.

I also wove a shawl in the same pattern with a gold-colored weft, and will post pix of that one later.

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Elizabeth Butler

Baby Blanket

2008年 3月 15日 土曜日 6:09:39 pm

I finished this crocheted baby blanket for my niece. It was made using a 4.00mm crochet hook and the 65%cashmere/35%silk dk weight yarn. The final size is about 57X55. And yes, it has taken me a long time to get finished. I hope my sister and niece like it.

Elizabeth Butler

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Tien Chiu

Brown and tan handwoven jacket in the 3/50 Loro Piana silk

2008年 2月 25日 月曜日 3:33:54 pm

Here is a jacket made from about 5 yards of 21" wide handwoven fabric. The warp, which I dyed myself (brown and tan), is the 3/50 Loro Piana silk sett at 40 ends per inch. The weft is a non-Colourmart cashmere of about the same thickness, which I dyed eggplant. The pattern is my original design, network drafted on a 4-end initial and woven on a 16-shaft Leclerc Diana computer-driven loom.

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Lesley Greenaway

Red hat sweatshirt.

2008年 2月 25日 月曜日 2:49:24 pm

Another sweatshirt for the grumpy old women amongst us. This was knitted using 4 strands of the 1/14 boucle cashmere. I also knitted in 4 strands of the cashmere/lycra in the ribbing. Gauge achieved was 22 sts and 35 rows per 4in on size 3.75 needles. The total weight of the sweater is 429g, but that includes the cashmere/lycra, embroidery and interlining, so for a size 42, I probably used around 380g of the boucle. I find that this yarn blooms little and produces a lighter fabric than you might expect, but then, it is very soft in the first place. Lesley


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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Labelling...... Giving due credit to superb yarns/service - Colourmart

2008年 2月 22日 金曜日 12:58:45 pm

My introduction to Colourmart came through Liz Lovick's brilliant and well organised spinning retreat to the Orkney Islands in 2006. Richard very generously gave a supply of free yarn for us to use in our various workshops. I took a "small sample" but it took me nearly a year before I decided to use it. My only reason then was because quite a few of my friends were expecting and I was concerned that some of the fibres that I would be using in baby garments might cause an allergic reaction. I think the reason why I chose Colourmart was the "Cashmere" factor. I wanted the garment to be special and top quality and that is precisely what I get from using Richard's yarns - especially after the garment has been washed.

As I needed to obtain new labels for my handspun garments, I decided to make another labelling order for garments which I have created using Colourmart's yarns . I'm very pleased with the result. Thanks again Richard.

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Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Another pram throw (using Colourmart's Bargain/Scrap Set)

2008年 2月 22日 金曜日 12:43:14 pm

Attached is the latest pram throw created using Richard's Bargain (or Scraps!) set yarns. This is going to the same family whose daughter received the 1st pram throw that I created last year . This time, it's for her brother and his partner who so admired the one created for their nephew. It's also their 1st child, a boy born last Saturday. I'm seeing the grandmother tomorrow a.m. (they're racing up to see their 2nd grandchild) so they'll be able to take ownership tomorrow night. I've already had another request for another one!

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richard lawn

reply to donna, who knits better than she computes...

2008年 2月 13日 水曜日 2:49:04 pm

Hi donna,

any replies posted will be on this page, but most postings on here are to show items made with our yarns... to discuss the yarns with other users you might be better to join our user group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ColourMart/

hope that helps


Donna Cropley Langton

I knit far better than I compute

2008年 2月 12日 火曜日 2:57:16 am

This is likely going to sound dumb but when Iook at the formums all I see are the questions. How do I see the replies. Then again if I can't see the replies how am I going to get the answer to this question. I read all these interesting comments and wonder what the replies where. Help

Granny D

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judith gilbert

55:45 cash/silk fuchsia aran -

2008年 2月 11日 月曜日 10:01:18 pm

hi Nancy -

what a beautiful sweater , a great knitting job ! Would you mind sharing how many strands of the laceweight you used, the approximate length and width and how much the
finished garment weighed? This is *very* useful information for all of us, es[pecially those new to Colourmart, when trying to figure out how much yarn to order.

many thanks,

This post relates to the following product: 2/20NM 太目の極細 (きつめ撚り)

Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner

55:45 cash/silk fuchsia

2008年 2月 11日 月曜日 8:50:52 am

I'm new to using Colournart yarns. I couldn't resist this bright Fuchsia to knit an arran cardigan for a friend's daughter. It was wonderful to knit with. I was a bit concerned at the amount of colour it lost when I hand washed it bit it drier well and my friend is delighted with the results. Too bad I couldn't find better buttons !


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