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Made with ColourMart yarns

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Dorothy Stewart

Fine cashmere Scarf

Сб, 20 февраля 2010 21:46:58

I used Colourmary 2/45 100% cashmere to weave a scarf using a snowflake pattern for 4 shaft looms. This was published by Laura Fry in Twill Thrills.
The yarn behaved beautifully with hardly any tangling. I expected it to be really tricky but not at all. I used a 50 epi sett and threaded 600 ends. I wove to 70" The right hand floating selvedge broke three times but I think it was 'operator' error ! When washed the scarf did not shrink much but the yarn became very very soft. A great success and it may be repeated especially as I now have an 8 shaft loom !

Ellen Turner

first cashmere scarves

Чт, 18 февраля 2010 16:25:43

The first time I attempted weaving with cashmere was a real delight. The weaving went well with no problems, and after wash the cashmere came out real soft and cashnere-delicious.

I am a weaver livimg in Denmark, and heard your yarns recommended by other weavers

Marsha Taylor


Вт, 16 февраля 2010 4:16:54

I have just completed a beautiful scarf, My Valentine by Shui Kuen Kozinski, using super fine Geelong merino 3/14NM (fingering weight) in colourway 8052 from ColourMart. It's a marled yarn with the two colours very close to each other in value, which gives a velvety depth that is very, very hard to photograph. I photoshopped till I was blue in the face trying to get the hue and saturation right, and I came close but, alas, no cigar. The yarn bloomed beautifully upon washing and is very soft. I gave the scarf to my mother-in-law for Valentine's Day and earned many brownie points. I was so pleased with this project - a combination of Shui Kuen and ColourMart: how could I go wrong!

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Update on World Cup Hats

Сб, 13 февраля 2010 14:50:06

8 of the 10 hats made so far. In respect of the hat for Ghana - the latest hat - I will be adding a black knitted star. Right now I cheated by using a black paper star! The other 2 hats not in this photo, belongs to Italy and Japan.


Beverley Thompson

Julie Benac

New Scarf Design From ColourMart Cashmere

Ср, 10 февраля 2010 22:54:02

Designed for the dear guy I'm dating, the sweet professor George! This scarf is called "Four Dates with the Professor", and is made with 3/7 NM Derby Grey Aran Weight Cashmere. MANY thanks to Colourmart for sending on an extra 100 yards so I could finish it! It is a reversible cable design, and the pattern is being tested now, and will soon be available on Ravelry for purchase and download. (I'm Juliegoddess on Rav!)

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Another Update - FIFA World Cup Challenge

Вт, 19 января 2010 17:53:20

Following a comment made by one of my colleagues - upon seeing the hats on the site - I've decided to add a photo of the flag - for the appropriate country - along with the name of the country concerned.

The Countries depicted in this picture are:

Top L - R The Ivory Coast followed by Italy
Bottom L - R England followed by Nigeria

Some of you may have seen the "Ivory Coast" hat before. This was previously down as being the one for the Republic of Ireland - however, it was brought to my attention that the sequence of the colours for that flag should be Green, White then Orange and not the other way around.

I don't intend to post another update until mid February when, hopefully, I'll be able to increase the tally from 4 to 10 In addition, I think I'll make sure that you'll at least be able to read the name of the country that the hat is representing!!

Beverley Thompson


Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

World Cup Hats - Update (32 hats plus 1!!!)

Вс, 10 января 2010 16:42:08

I originally was going to make 32 hats. I mentioned my mission, on another forum and someone lightheartedly remarked that I should make an extra hat.

I love France and, being an Arsenal Supporter who was torned on the night between Ireland and France going through - I just had to include an "extra" hat for the Republic of Ireland.

I'm so enjoying doing this and as these 2 hats took me just over a week to make (thanks to the cold weather brr........) I think I might succeed in this mission!

I've got enough yarns for the colours needed - except white - so will be placing another order tonight.


Beverley Thompson


Janet Sampson

contrast trim tank using 100% cashmere 6/28NM for contrast edging

Чт, 7 января 2010 16:37:42

I knit the main part using Jaeger matchmaker dk in geranium and the 3 colours in the ColourMart edging (maroon, orange and red) gave it an interesting twist.

Janet Sampson

Pascale Maugain

cardigan with yoke

Вс, 3 января 2010 7:41:38

Knitted this cardigan with 2 strands of 2/15 cashmere merino lichen and 2 plies of 1/13 cashmere C3115. Used about 3/4 of the 3 cones for a small size - needles 4,75.

Harlez Claude

100% extra fine merino 15/44 NM lime and carnival

Пн, 28 декабря 2009 17:37:25

275 gr de chaque couleur pour un pull talle 44

Harlez Claude

superyak extra merino 60852 ginepro mouline

Пн, 28 декабря 2009 17:35:01

250 gr pour un pull taille 38

Harlez Claude

cashmere fine dk wt 1/4 NM slubby soft spun singles red

Пн, 28 декабря 2009 17:31:44

Bonnet et gilet 3 mois

Harlez Claude

cashmere fine dk wt 1/4NM slubby soft spun singles red

Пн, 28 декабря 2009 17:28:08

Bonnet et gilet 3 mois

Harlez Claude

cashmere heavy dk wt 16/46 NM french lavender

Пн, 28 декабря 2009 17:22:27

Gilet 1 an

Harlez Claude

D'où viennent mes modèles ?

Вс, 27 декабря 2009 7:38:26

Except when I quote the creator of a given model, my kniting is a personal creation. I also work on my children's drawings or wishes. Lace patterns are copied from different books and mistakes sometimes corrected or made to match my project.

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

FIFA WORLD CUP & My Challenge for 2010 - with a little help from Colourmart!!!

Пт, 25 декабря 2009 20:46:15

Having completed my term as Newsletter Editor for our local guiild, my aim for 2010 is to continue doing some more charity knitting for 2010 but with a sporting theme.

I'm a big football fan and have decided that for For 2010 my challenge is to create 32 hats or 32 scarves (or a mixture of both totalling 32). Why 32? - well, that that's the number of teams which have qualified for the World Cup. I intend to solely use Colourmart yarns and to find someone or an organisation who would be willing to send or take them to South Africa - where the event is being held to give to children or young adults. I've already purchased the yarns from Richard and am going to spend the Christmas holiday sitting down and making a plan/setting goals to achieve this. The colours of the yarns purchased are those that will be worn by each of the qualifying countries e.g. For England it will be Red and White and for France Red, White and Blue!

The event starts in June - so it's going to be a tall order. In any case, I'm aiming to achieve this - will keep you posted.

Beverley Thompson

p.s. Brigitte - I love the 2 hats you've just uploaded onto the site. Also, where did you purchase the dummy's head?

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Latest baby hat designs

Пт, 25 декабря 2009 20:32:48

These two latest designs are for Ella and Megan, the latest grand-daughters of a good friend of mine.

Love the colours and the texture of the pale green completed hat - 100% cashmere.

Not sure if the camera was working properly so I hope the photos do come out clearly!

Beverley Thompson

Brigitte Picart

mixing 2 different yarns

Вт, 22 декабря 2009 22:31:59

This hat is knit with the supersoft merino dk for the white and the 5/95 cash-merino for the blue (color name is azulina). That was before I discovered the white cash-merino on the private site because I mostly bought from eBay.

Some people have a huge volume of hair, like long hair that is curly for instance, and worn on top of the head. This hat shape is for them. The motif is Turkish I'm told.

Brigitte Picart

5/95 cash-merino dk yarn

Вт, 22 декабря 2009 22:05:35

This is a beanie I knit witout a pattern for the hat but with the designs taken from the Dover Publishing Fair Isle knitting book. I un-knit this hat which I found defective, first because the large motifs start too late, the wide band just above the ribbing has to go, second because, this being my first large Fair Isle motif knitting, I had not caught the yarn in the back to avoid long floats, and those floats make the hat inelastic and too tight. I wore the hat to go shopping and when I got back one hour later it had slid up my head!

The colors are rozijo mel and ocre. I love these colors!

Elaine Evans

Cindy's scarf

Сб, 19 декабря 2009 16:56:11

As I understand it, this is the shell and feather pattern, the feather and fan doesn't have a row of garter stitch between repeats, otherwise they're the same. Is there a standard reference for these traditional patterns? P.S. Liked the scarf!