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Made with ColourMart yarns

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Tami Cushing

Moderated by: Richard Lawn

My First Colourmart finished project too

Пт, 16 июля 2010 3:54:14

I finished blocking this shawl last week. First project with colourmart and the same pattern as the last poster. Used 2/28 cash/merino in a light grey knit straight from the cone. What a beautiful fiber. Everyone that touches this shawl ohhs and ahhs at it's wonderful softness. Love it! Love the pattern also, great combination.

Beverly Barfield

Beverly Barfield

My first ColurMart Project Aeolian Shawl

Сб, 26 июня 2010 18:36:34

Hi Everyone, I finished my first project with Colourmart yarn. Its called Aeolian Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman. I used Cashmere Merino Silk 2/28 in Kaki with US 4 needles and size 8 beads. This is my first lace project as well as the first time I ever read a chart. I was surprised myself on how well it came out considering all the firsts. I'm starting another shawl in Extra Fine Merino 2/28. Love these yarns.


Treat your dreams as if it were real life and real life as if it were a dream. Eventually your dreams will come true!

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Last 3 - World Cup Hats are now on their way to South Africa

Пн, 14 июня 2010 20:06:04

I can't believe the project is now over! Might do the same next year for the Rugby World Cup! Beverley


Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 - I'm almost there!

Вт, 8 июня 2010 21:52:30

Still got another 1 1/2 hats to go. This has been a real labour of love.



margaret kiehl

Triinu Vine and Leaf shawl--6/15NM heavy dk wt cashmere/merino oatmeal

Чт, 20 мая 2010 2:07:12

This shawl was knit with 6/15NM heavy dk wt cashmere/merino oatmeal -- I love this yarn ! It turned out so lovely, I'm knitting another one!
Maggie Kiehl

Pascale Maugain

Azzu's shawl

Вт, 18 мая 2010 7:55:59

Used about 120g of some burgundy 8/20 linen/silk to make this shawl.

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

World Cup Hat photo (Mark 2)

Ср, 5 мая 2010 22:25:25

Clearer image of the photo taken last Tuesday - thanks to Mr Roberts. Some of the hats have not been sewn up but I just couldn't wait for them to be photographed. The FINAL photo will take place at the end of May/very beginning of June when all 33 hats will be on display.

Beverley Thompson

Lesley Stratton

Valentine Scarf

Ср, 5 мая 2010 0:20:27

Pattern can be found on Ravelry for $6


Marsha Taylor -- Valentine Lace Scarf

Вт, 4 мая 2010 21:32:04

I would love to get a copy of this pattern. Please advise where you purchased it. Thanks.

Mae Taylor

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

World Cup Hats Update

Вт, 4 мая 2010 16:49:18

Clearer image of one of the hats

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Update on World Cup Hats

Чт, 29 апреля 2010 7:31:07

Excuse the poor quality of the photo. This was taken by a friend's house on Tuesday using my mobile phone. They've also taken a photo and when that comes through I'll swop theirs with this. Currently have made 20 with another 12 to go before the 12th June start for the World Cup. Luckily with a couple of bank holidays at either side of May - I should be able to finish them all.

I'm currently re-doing the one for Italy as I felt that the green in the first hat was too "pale". I've also re-done the one for Germany as well as I wanted a more vibrant red. This has been a learning curve to say the least. I'm not going to struggle where the ones for Australia, New Zealand and the USA are concerned and recently purchased 33 woven badges of the countries concerned - which also gives the name of the country.

Hoping to post a photo of all 33 hats by the end of May, very beginning of June.

Beverley Thompson

Baerbel Hurst

cash cotton

Ср, 28 апреля 2010 17:59:50

This yarn was a wonderful surprise - the perfect blend for absolutely every weather and a fine yarn for cables.

Tossy Garrett

Shawl Collared Pulllover with 80% Wool, 20% Silk worsted in "burnt orange"

Вс, 25 апреля 2010 14:57:06

This pattern is from Vogue Knitting magazine, Spring issue of ... 09? (I think- I lent it out so I can't check) This yarn didn't soften up too much after washing, it is probably better suited to outerwear (as the description says). But still, I love the sweater!

Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner

100% Cashmere DK Spearmint

Пт, 26 марта 2010 10:22:26

I've just completed a gents 54" Aran sweater.
I've used 938 grams to knit this and used two patterns to obtain the necessary number of stitches and design as very few patterns are available for much larger sizes.

Have laundered this and found it retained it's width but lost 2" in length from nape to hem.
It now wonderful and soft.
Used 50% M&S Cashmere washing liquid and 50% fairy liquid. Seems to have worked very well. Tumbled dry on low heat until almost dry then hung in my pantry [where central heating boiler is - so dried completely over night].
Delighted with results!
Kindest regards,


Dorothy Stewart

Fine cashmere Scarf

Сб, 20 февраля 2010 21:46:58

I used Colourmary 2/45 100% cashmere to weave a scarf using a snowflake pattern for 4 shaft looms. This was published by Laura Fry in Twill Thrills.
The yarn behaved beautifully with hardly any tangling. I expected it to be really tricky but not at all. I used a 50 epi sett and threaded 600 ends. I wove to 70" The right hand floating selvedge broke three times but I think it was 'operator' error ! When washed the scarf did not shrink much but the yarn became very very soft. A great success and it may be repeated especially as I now have an 8 shaft loom !

Ellen Turner

first cashmere scarves

Чт, 18 февраля 2010 16:25:43

The first time I attempted weaving with cashmere was a real delight. The weaving went well with no problems, and after wash the cashmere came out real soft and cashnere-delicious.

I am a weaver livimg in Denmark, and heard your yarns recommended by other weavers

Marsha Taylor


Вт, 16 февраля 2010 4:16:54

I have just completed a beautiful scarf, My Valentine by Shui Kuen Kozinski, using super fine Geelong merino 3/14NM (fingering weight) in colourway 8052 from ColourMart. It's a marled yarn with the two colours very close to each other in value, which gives a velvety depth that is very, very hard to photograph. I photoshopped till I was blue in the face trying to get the hue and saturation right, and I came close but, alas, no cigar. The yarn bloomed beautifully upon washing and is very soft. I gave the scarf to my mother-in-law for Valentine's Day and earned many brownie points. I was so pleased with this project - a combination of Shui Kuen and ColourMart: how could I go wrong!

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Update on World Cup Hats

Сб, 13 февраля 2010 14:50:06

8 of the 10 hats made so far. In respect of the hat for Ghana - the latest hat - I will be adding a black knitted star. Right now I cheated by using a black paper star! The other 2 hats not in this photo, belongs to Italy and Japan.


Beverley Thompson

Julie Benac

New Scarf Design From ColourMart Cashmere

Ср, 10 февраля 2010 22:54:02

Designed for the dear guy I'm dating, the sweet professor George! This scarf is called "Four Dates with the Professor", and is made with 3/7 NM Derby Grey Aran Weight Cashmere. MANY thanks to Colourmart for sending on an extra 100 yards so I could finish it! It is a reversible cable design, and the pattern is being tested now, and will soon be available on Ravelry for purchase and download. (I'm Juliegoddess on Rav!)

Beverley Thompson

Beverley Thompson

Another Update - FIFA World Cup Challenge

Вт, 19 января 2010 17:53:20

Following a comment made by one of my colleagues - upon seeing the hats on the site - I've decided to add a photo of the flag - for the appropriate country - along with the name of the country concerned.

The Countries depicted in this picture are:

Top L - R The Ivory Coast followed by Italy
Bottom L - R England followed by Nigeria

Some of you may have seen the "Ivory Coast" hat before. This was previously down as being the one for the Republic of Ireland - however, it was brought to my attention that the sequence of the colours for that flag should be Green, White then Orange and not the other way around.

I don't intend to post another update until mid February when, hopefully, I'll be able to increase the tally from 4 to 10 In addition, I think I'll make sure that you'll at least be able to read the name of the country that the hat is representing!!

Beverley Thompson